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Sustainable water treatment techniques are essential for hoteliers, property owners, landlords, management companies, and operators of public facilities. The water supply sector is particularly susceptible to hygiene issues, and bacterial contamination or pollutants can quickly become a serious threat to health and business.
Bacterial contamination and pollutants can quickly become a threat to health and business.

Proactive and environmentally friendly treatment of drinking water and swimming pools is therefore not only a matter of public health but also environmental protection and should be taken seriously. Proactive and eco-friendly treatment of drinking water and swimming pools is not only a public health necessity but also an environmental responsibility.

Legal Compliance and Preventative Measures

The management and use of drinking water systems and pool water are governed by numerous legal regulations, requiring continuous compliance. These regulations include strict limits on the total germ count and the concentration of Legionella bacteria, which must not be exceeded.

In this context, it is crucial to implement preventative measures that ensure long-term safety and sustainability. Forward-thinking planning is vital to comply with these standards and protect public health. Should these legal limits be significantly exceeded, immediate and effective remediation is necessary to minimize health risks and meet legal requirements.

Addressing Legionella Risks


Many building operators, pool managers, and property owners have encountered issues with Legionella bacteria. These rod-shaped bacteria thrive in water systems and, while usually present in harmless small amounts, can rapidly multiply under ideal conditions, posing serious threats. Legionella bacteria are particularly dangerous to individuals with weakened immune systems, potentially causing life-threatening respiratory illnesses.

When Legionella concentrations significantly increase, removal from the water system becomes imperative, often involving substantial costs and technical challenges. Fortunately, there are alternative, comprehensive methods for treating drinking water and pool water to minimize these risks.

Innovation in Water and Energy
At MolAquaTech, we stand as a hallmark of innovation in the fields of water treatment and energy efficiency.
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